Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L

Rated Voltage: 220-240V Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz Net Weight: 3.9kg Gross Weight: 5.2kg Rated Power: 1500W Rated Volume: 3.5L Basket Material: Alclad Metal
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Warranty 12 Months Official Warranty
Free EMI Up to 6 Months
BDT 13,490
BDT 9,990
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Product details of Xiaomi  Oil Free Air Fryer 3.5L 

  • Product Size : 335x282x304mm
  • Product Weight : 3.9Kg
  • Gross Weight : 5.2Kg
  • Product Volume : 3.5L
  • Rated Voltage / Frequency : 220V~50HZ
  • Rated Power : 1500W
  • Temperature Control : 80-200°C
  • Control Mode : Touch Screen / APP
  • Mijia Smart Air Fryer 3.5L
  • Oil-free and low-fat, a new choice for healthy cooking
  • Healthy fried, fast cooking
  • 360° hot air circulation, fast enjoy low-fat food
  • Not just an air fryer
  • It is also a yogurt machine, a dried fruit machine, a microwave oven, and an electric oven
  • Wide temperature zone, 24h cooking*
  • 40-200℃ adjustable*, 24 hours long cooking time
  • Rich smart recipes
  • Easy to use, smart and caring
  • 24-hour smart appointment
  • Make an appointment before going to bed, eat in the morning
  • Power off when pumping the pot*
  • Cooking status at a glance
  • OLED screen intelligent interaction
  • Fun customization, screen display
  • Double layer water-based non-stick coating
  • Wear-resistant and non-sticky, easier to clean
  • No oil and no smoke, 360. Hot air circulation
  • Low-fat healthy visible
  • 360°hot air circulation heating, wrap the food in all directions, force out the oil inside the food, and reduce the oil and fat visible. The heat flow churns at a high speed, the food is heated more evenly, and the outside is crispy and the inside is tender. Reject the greasiness and complexity of fried food, and enjoy the appetite.